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MedicPlus Administrative Integration

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage the support & administrative activities
Medicplus EHR system can additionally be enhanced to seamlessly integrate with a standard Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage the support & administrative activities in the hospital or medical facility.

This integration allows the organization capture both its Clinical and Administrative functions. The ERP system manages organizational functions through modules. such as Accounting, Purchasing (Procurement), Human Resources (HR), Warehouse (Storage and Inventory), Point of Sale, Project Management, Website etc.

The administrative modules are tailored to the specific needs and processes of the organization as a solution. This fosters cohesion and communication in the organization which is critical for efficiency and effectiveness. The Administrative integration can include the following and more:
Automates procurements from receiving procurement needs from internal staff to sending out requests for quotations and the management of the bidding process down to the processing of purchase orders.
Manages inventory levels from receipt of shipments to the distributions of stock to departments and the replenishment at exhaustion of stock. Warehousing is directly connected to purchasing such that purchase orders move to the store for delivery as they are pproved in the purchasing module.  
An accounting module that can fit any size of organisation giving room for growth and expansion with ensured adaptability. The module provides an integrated analytic accounting to budget, assets and multi-company consolidation. It provides and creates accounting reports in real-time and can give a clear view of the financial position of the organisation at any given time. 
Directly integrated into the accounting module, the invoicing system manages the billing and invoices of contracts and HMOs; To keep all decision parameters in check. 
Manages employee information and employee contracts. The module also manages application, approval and allocation of leaves, track and enforces penalties and the calculation and generation of payslips among other functions .

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