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MedicPlus Billing System

Sort bills automatically including HMO scheme bills, Retainer-ship programs, and Capitation.

Seamless Billing Integration

Easy to use full featured Medical Billing system that completely integrates your Financial, Reporting and Audit needs while tracking individual paid and unpaid services.

Equip billers with month-to-month comparison to identify billing trends, so hospitals can stick to what works and alter what isnt.

Drastically reduce time spent generating insurance bills from a number of days to a matter of minutes. Track aged claims in detail to ensure complete reinbursement.

Get medical billing reports that make medical practice more profitable

Reduce work load for employees and speed up bill generation & payments to eliminate delays in invoicing.
  • Manage registration, billing and indepth reporting to aid effective resource allocation.
  • Generate bill/invoice with the associated evidence from insurance claims processing.
  • Shorten medical billing cycles and get paid faster, including rich reporting feature.
  • Manage numerous insurance rates, record payments, and generate group statements.
  • Cut down the number of billing staff needed to manage insurance claims.
  • Manage Self-pay accounts and group accounts such as insurance policies, and company accounts to automatically reflect services in the patient statement but charging the group account at the negotiated rate.
  • Voucher System

    Medicplus has a Voucher payment system, which is a form of monetary transaction, sometimes taking the place of cash in a transaction, acting as a receipt, or indicating that an invoice has been approved for payment.

    Vouchers can be used to reconcile patient account for a variety of purposes such as: a replacement for cash payment, issuing discounts, and issuing refunds.

    Want to streamline your processes and get maximum productivity?

    Improving patient outcome and promoting UHC with Technology.

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