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Medicplus Electronic Health Record (EHR) System

Medicplus EHR system is a unified repository of patient health records, accessible by authorized persons.

What You Should Expect with MedicPlus

An long list of amazing features.

Our EHR system is made up of several Modules integrated into one system to harmonize patient health information. 

EHR Records include patient prescription history, allergies, immunization records, laboratory test results, radiology images, vital signs, patient picture for easy identification, personal statistics, and patient billing profile for automatic bill calculation.

Patient Records

Medicplus patient record module securely provides the functionality to capture a range of data to include patient demographics, and patient medical history. Maintain a standard problem list with ICD 10 and ICD-10 Procedure Coding System.

Record vital signs and monitor patient progress at a glance through a plotted graphs and charts.

Old paper records are not completely written-off as old reference number (Legacy Patient Number) is saved along with the digital record, which serves as a link to past paper records.


Schedule different kinds of appointments to include vaccine, doctors visit, antenatal visit, surgical appointments etc, to enable health facility plan workloads and staffing requirement that might be necessary to meet their expected workload.

This can include doctor’s calendar for pre-scheduled visits as well as same day scheduling of appointment.


Our unique reporting system is only limited to what is requested of us, making it as flexible as possible. Employing intuitive charts and graphs that administrative staff can spot trends and identify bottle necks in the hospital. That can help develop measures to improve overall hospital efficiency and highlight areas of interest.

Generate reports on any aspect of practice within the hospital such as Hospital Revenues, Drug Inventories and Stock moves, Insurance Scheme Bills, Consultation and Diagnosis, Daily registrations and Visits etc

Vaccine & Immunization

Medicplus comprehensive vaccine registry calculates all vaccines to be taken by a patient based on patient age, while providing an interface for doctors to update vaccine history and view vaccine chart.

Vital statistics on vaccine trends are recorded, and reports on due vaccines are generated with ease, with an added notification feature capable of sending reminders to patients vaccine status.


The Procedure module captures clinical procedures within the health organization, from minor procedures such as wound dressing, to major surgical procedures, theatre assignments, surgeon, and anesthesiology procedures.

It includes an additional feature of risk management documentation, which enables for the procedure pre and post risk assessment and documentation.


Our Pharmaceutical module automates the drug inventory and dispensing process from prescription order, to fulfilment, while checking for drug interactions/allergies.

This Module also provides alerts on inventory levels, billing implications, and expiration of drugs, thus ensuring effective and safe inventory management from the prescription side.

Antenatal Care

This module automates the registration of expectant mothers to receive antenatal care in different stages of pregnancy. It automatically tracks hospital visits, notifies expectant mothers of their antenatal appointments, records gestational progress throughout the period of pregnancy; across all trimesters.

It includes an added feature to capture different antenatal plans and packages along with their billing implication, thereby taking into consideration, different coverage plans and their entitlement (lab tests, scans, drugs, and consultation type).

In-Patient Care

This module enables hospital admission requests which define clinical tasks to be used in managing patients on admission.

Automate reminders and admission processes that usually cause delays like bed assignments, bed management, clinical tasks, care team coordination, discharge notes and billing.

Speed up admission and discharge processes.

Labour Management

Manage the labour progress of expectant mothers with an incorporated Pathogram which tracks and charts fetal heart rate progression, dilation and other necessary factors through the course of labour, until these parameters are optimal for delivery.

The labour management module has the flexibility to run on mobile devices to allow for easy movement on and off the site. The charts follow the clinical journey of a pregnant woman, from her antenatal consultations to labour, to delivery.


The ophthalmology module covers the eye clinic activities including ophthalmology tests and other procedures. This module allows the use of preconfigured templates to speed up reporting and documentation.

Patient ophthalmology records are documented in customizable templates and added as part of patient medical record.


This module is a dentist’s companion as it is used to facilitate documentation on dental visits, checkups, and procedures.

Using this feature, a dentist can enter relevant clinical documentation, and electronically prescribe medication, while billing charges are automatically updated, along with dental claims.


The messaging module provides telephony and instant messaging communication across connected health centers, and within the hospital.

Compose and dispatch notification messages to patients manually or automatically via SMS or email, as a reminder for due services such as vaccine notification, lab test results, appointments, etc.

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